Let Us Provide The System

Generally, investing makes sense in goods that appreciate with time. Technology does not appreciate and in fact, its value shrinks over time, often reaching zero value very quickly, sometimes as quickly as two or three years (cf. Moore's law). Therefore, renting might be a better option because renting frees up cash and it may also be a tax deductible expense. When running your practice, you must think about maximizing revenues and control and minimizing costs and work. Focus on process, technology, and personnel.



Does it have built-in reconciliation and workflow management to keep everybody accountable and proactive?


Do you really want to deal with vendor, perform backups, worry about disk crashes, and manage your own personnel?


What does it take to train your personnel and keep them current?


Consider other personnel management costs: benefits, your time, lack of independent problem solving… Our system gives you the latest technology to manage your entire practice. Gather accurate information early in the process and manage your patient records. Minimize unpaid medical services by scheduling patients and checking insurance eligibility electronically. Get insurance claims paid faster the first time with real-time code checking and electronic claim submission to more than 2,500 insurance companies. Speed up your collections process with electronic remittance reports, automatic payment posting, and electronic patient statements. You can also eliminate paper charts by scanning, faxing, and storing all of your documents securely online. You’ll stay up-to-date with dozens of real-time reports that give you a complete picture of your practice. All provided to you at no extra cost!